For homeowners at The Ranch Club, life truly embraces the Big Sky Spirit. That's why every residence in our community is beautifully appointed to capture breathtaking mountain and golf course views. The Ranch Club is an all-season experience integrating the best of traditional golf club resort membership and the eclectic mixture of nature and urban life that make Missoula such an amazing place to call home.


Exceptional family experiences are the cornerstone of community life at The Ranch Club. Membership affords you privileged access to golf, swim, and fitness facilities, our on-site restaurant, property-management services and more. These are just some of the luxurious amenities that make family resort living at The Ranch Club second to none.


It’s the ultimate golfers’ sanctuary. Whether challenged by a scratch golfer, weekend enthusiast, or first timer, Les Furbur’s pristine design, incorporating natural views of the Missoula valley’s magnificent landscape, promises all golfers an unforgettable adventure. For The Ranch Club is more than just golf; it is a golf experience in one of Mother Nature's finest playgrounds.

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